stronger than dermapen and other needling treatments, I am also different as I don't normally require more than one treatment for significant results - setting me the plasma pen a part from other skin tightening services.
don't use needles and nothing goes into your skin. I simply use electrical arc to stimulate your collagen producing cells to divide and produce collagen for 6-8 weeks. 

I do require a little down time because I leave behind little carbon crusts that shed off in a few days but I promise its totally worth it as you'll be left with tighter skin & long lasting results.

Want to tighten skin and wrinkles? 

Has the thought of an eyelid lift or face-lift ever crossed your mind? 
Maybe even a little Botox?  However you hesitate due to the associated risks of undergoing surgery, or cost of expensive procedures. 

The new and very effective Plasma Fibroblast is now available



Plasma fibroblast is a new technique, providing an alternative to smoothing lines and reducing extra skin without surgery or injections.
Plasma fibroblast is unique a non invasive treatment and has stronger and more noticeable results unlike other needling/collagen boosting procedures. 

It works on extra skin, smoothing out wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead, jaw, neck, stomach & smile lines. 

How Plasma Fibroblast Works


Fibroblasts are the cells in the second layer of the skin (called the dermis) and are responsible for producing 80%of our collagen. 
The Plasma Pen stimulates the fibroblast cells to divide (which they do not naturally do) and actively creates new collagen for up 8 weeks.  The results are lasting, offering 2-5 year results.  

A plasma arc is created when the tip is brought close enough to the skin (which is 80% water) creating a small superficial wound on the epidermis (upper most layer of skin) in a tiny dot like pattern. The dots left behind are called carbon crusts and are the result of the plasmas arc on the skins surface. The fibroblast cells in the dermis (second skin layer) then divide and help to heal the skin at the same time creating new collagen. 

Post Treatment

Skin will develop carbon crusts from the plasma arc - a small dot like pattern will appear. 

The carbon crusts will take a few days to heal and flake away revealing new, tighter baby like skin.  

Collagen is produced 6-8weeks post procedure!

New skin will acclimate and become more like in colour and texture over 6-8weeks.   

Aftercare requires protection from sun on treated area.

The plasma fibroblast physiology stimulates collagen and tightens skin without surgery, the associated risks and cost. 

Plasma Fibroblast works on loose skin, wrinkles and best on skin creased at rest

contact us with a photo of the area of concern (please make sure your skin is at rest - relaxed posture)